Last Day in Montana

We returned to Montana from Canada after driving through Kootenay National Park and checked-in at the same hotel we had stayed in during the beginning of our trip, the Holiday Inn Express & Suites Kalispell.  We also returned to the same MacKenzie River Pub & Grill but ordered slightly different items.  Our best discovery this time around though was on their summer fare menu.  They had additional huckleberry drinks.  I ordered a huckleberry-watermelon cocktail and my parents got huckleberry lemonades and they were all super delicious.  (A huckleberry looks something like a small blueberry.)  I also had a California chicken flatbread that didn’t necessarily remind me of California (where I live) but was still good.  I honestly think they named any dish that had avocado in it Californian.

The next day we had some time before my parents had to go to the airport so we took a drive south down to Flathead Lake, a very large recreational lake.  We did not drive too far around the lake but did stop off at Volunteer Park where there is an area roped off for swimming but it was early so there was only a dog swimming around.  We did get some beautiful pictures here though.

After our short drive it was back to the hotel where my parents then headed to the airport and I did some random shopping because zero sales tax in Montana!  When I eventually got a ride from the free hotel shuttle to the airport, I did some shopping in the gift store and bought some huckleberry lemonade powder.  It is not quite as good as what I had at the restaurant, it is also a strange shade of purple but it was still good.


Not long after shopping it was time for me to return home!

Tip: You really do not need to come to the airport too early.  There is not much to do and it is super small.  The security line was also really empty when I got here.  They do have TSA PreCheck though.

The E-175 I returned home on.  AA (and probably most airlines) do a turnaround when flying to FCA Airport

Thank you Montana and Canada for the beautiful sights, fresh air and amazing times!  Until next time~!




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