An Overdue Update

So looking back, my last update was about my Central Europe trip and I only wrote about half the trip. Looking in my draft posts, I was prepared to write three more posts but COVID-19 happened and I ended up taking a pause on this blog.

Between my last post and the actual start of the pandemic (which in my mind is when Los Angeles began to quarantine around mid-March) I also took a short trip to Nashville, TN with a friend. This trip and the rest of the Central Europe trip may never end up in my trip reports. It’s now been over a year for the Central Europe trip and just past a year for the Nashville trip and my memory is not the best especially after such a crazy year. If I do end up writing about them, they’ll probably be very short summaries unless my travel partners have a better recollection than I do.

However, the good news is that 1) I have been fully vaccinated since February, 2) almost all my friends, family and co-workers have been vaccinated and 3) I’m beginning to plan trips again. In fact, I potentially have a few trips for the rest of the year. Likely all domestic and mostly on the shorter side. Some are just to visit friends but others are trip-trips (aka flights, hotels, activities, etc.).

In April, I’ll be headed to Vegas to visit a friend but we may do some interesting non-Strip activities that I can maybe write a short post apart. I’ll also be meeting up with my parents in Reno/Lake Tahoe which I’ve never been to. It’s only a 3-day trip but I do plan to write about that one.

In May I’m headed home to Charlotte but my mom and I will probably drive to Asheville and then through the Great Smoky Mountains and maybe one other side trip (to be determined) so this could lead to a post depending on what we actually do. For June, I’m in the middle of putting together a trip to Maine (one of my favorite places). It’s going to be a birthday trip and I haven’t decided if I’m going to make it a solo trip, a friend trip or a family trip. I also haven’t decided if I want to fly directly into Maine or fly into Boston and then drive up. Basically lots of things still up in the air but hoping to settle it in the next week or two.

In August, my cousin in NYC is getting married though the actual date is not 100% confirmed (hence I’m only tracking tickets and haven’t actually purchased any). I’m not sure if I will just fly in and out for the wedding or spend some time eating my way through the city. Something to consider when the dates are firmed up.

With all these spring and summer trips, I’ll likely cool down the traveling in the fall to save up and maybe go somewhere in the winter. I do like traveling in the winter because it’s usually cheaper and I miss places that actually have a winter. LA winters can barely be called winters…

That’s all the updates for now! Hopefully everyone is staying safe and is able to get vaccination appointments if they’re looking for them!

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