So I’m giving a shot at blogging and hopefully it goes smoothly and I blog consistently.  *fingers crossed*  I had a lot of friends tell me I should write my own blog about my travels so I’m taking their advice and we’ll see how it goes!

But welcome to “One Trip Led to Another”!!!  The reason I decided on the name is because I kind of feel like that’s how my trip planning kind of goes.  Recently I go into every year thinking I’ll just have this one big trip for the year maybe a small trip or two and save some money.  But what really happens is I’ll plan one trip and then my parents plan one and ask if I want to join (of course!!) and then my friends (separately) will say “hey! we need to go on a trip together!” which leads to a few more plus weddings, birthdays, mistake fares, etc.  In the end, it’s less about planning trips and more about trying to figure out if I can work all these trips around weekends and vacation days.  Luckily I’ve been with my company for a while so I have a decent amount of vacation days to play with.  But at the end of the year I never really know how I ended up taking so many trips… One trip just kind of led to another and another! ^o~ (okay, I admit that was cheesy)

Travel really is a big part of my life though.  I think if you told me I couldn’t travel I would go stir crazy which I actually kind of do already when I haven’t done any traveling in a while such as now.  My last big trip was in October and I can’t wait to get back off the ground which lucky for me is in two days!!  But when I’m not traveling, I’m basically planning travel so really my life kind of revolves around it.  It probably doesn’t help that my younger brother is chasing American Airlines and United Airlines status so he’s frequently out flying over the weekends.  I’m incredibly jealous of his Dubai trip over the long holiday…  But I digress.  Really, I just hope you’ll be able to enjoy my stories and maybe pick up some tips here and there.  And my goal is to also get some video of my trips with my recently bought GoPro but seeing as I haven’t looked into how to use it yet and I leave in two days, it’s definitely a work in progress.

If you want to know more about me though, please check out the “About” page! 🙂

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